Gab Rhome, a musician known for his lush soundscapes and warm melodies, began his career in 1971 in the small village of Halstatt, Austria. He was then major d’homme to an illustrious Danish noble family. Through his first career came his love for the bowtie and mountain climbing. It was in Gab’s first ascent of the Kilimanjaro (1982) that he composed his first All Day I Dream EP that would launch his musical career in 2014. Since then, Gab has been seen as an establishment for the dreamy and melodic house sound.

In the name of love for AirMiles, he performed live and dj sets in numerous cities: New-York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Cairo, Lima, Berlin, London, Ibiza, Beirut, and many, many more. Gab also releases regularly on some of the industry’s top labels (All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Last Night on Earth, and more) because he loves to sign contracts. In the last year alone, Gab Rhome has won multiple awards: best cartwheel, a silver medal in paragliding and a world record for the most realistic drawing of a giraffe.