Pleasurekraft originally began in 2010 as a musical vision attempting to express the power and beauty of the cosmos through the language of techno music. Having established a reputation of creating standout tracks with the release of the now-iconic ‘Tarantula’, Pleasurekraft’s musical evolution has moved over the years towards a music tougher, atmospheric blend of melodic techno and big room drums, soaring breaks and smooth vocals. This self-dubbed ‘cosmic techno’ sound has garnered support from a range of techno heavyweights, including the likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, Alan Fitzpatrick, Pan-Pot and many more.

After years of working with some of the biggest names and labels in dance music, 2018 finally saw the release of Pleasurekraft’s debut album ‘Friends, Lovers & Other Constellations’. Filled with cinematic and cosmological references, the album is akin to a music mission statement, to prove that there is more to dance music than just a 4/4 beat, cliche drug references and party-themed vocals. While the album and much of Pleasurekraft’s body of work is certainly dressed in full techno regalia, it’s pulsing heart yearns toward a greater understanding of the cosmos, and humanity’s place within it.

This is Cosmic Techno. This is Pleasurekraft.