Heading from Frankfurt to the world, Rey & Kjavik‘s soundscape has left a tremendous impression in the electronic music scene ever since his first productions were released on Kindisch/Get Physical back in 2012.

As the Frankfurt native gets ready to leave his musical but not personal past behind, a new era in house music is about to begin with the release of his mystic and spiritual debut album ‘Rkadash’.

His North America tour in 2015 laid the foundation for a more emotional approach to music that also originates in Rey & Kjavik‘s groundbreaking experience when playing ‘The Kazbah’ at Burning Man for the first time. With that in mind he started to capture the spirit and unique atmosphere in tones. But it was a gig at Indigo in Instanbul and an extended stay at the Bosporus that pieced the puzzle together and helped to finalize the album.

‘Rkadash’ tells a story of a nomad in the contemporary world diving deep into the Orient, riding the dunes in the desert and finding peace through musical freedom. It is the story of a journey and the further development of Rey & Kjavik‘s music. So it is no surprise that the album is considered the follow up sound of his most successful record ‘Baba City’. The 10-tracker from one of the fastest rising artists in the scene proves that in order to achieve greatness one must accept responsibility and leave the comfort zone. But you do not have to expose yourself to the desert wind in order to feel the world combined in Rey & Kjavik‘s ‘Rkadash’.