Jan - feb 2019


[In Collaboration with Miracle Mgmt]

Thomas Schumacher is always pushing his own boundaries. In his early days as an artist, he had to learn how to physically create the sounds he heard in his head. Now as a virtuoso, the challenge is to use his breadth and depth of musical knowledge to convey profound emotion. “Techno is not just a tool to make people dance”, he says. “It is a very personal, intimate way of expressing myself.”

The intimacy is what fuels his DJ sets. Often comparing himself to the captain of a ship. I purposely steer my sets into rough waters. I want to help people get out of their heads and into their bodies. I create a safe space for people to lose their minds, in the best possible way. They know they don’t need to be worry or be afraid, because I’ve got them. I know what I’m doing. They can let go and just be.”